Heavy, Long and even Super.
Sims Global has you covered.

What type of trailer is required to haul a 380,000 pound piece of equipment? What is the maximum height for a load in the state of Kansas to avoid bucket trucks or police escorts? Or how about possibly using a perimeter or minideck trailer to avoid the costly fees? These are the types of questions every qualified heavy haul expert should be able to answer. Hauling anything in the US that is considered oversized or over standard weights requires an entirely unique planning process that can only be learned over years of experience. Sims Global has a dedicated team of heavy haul experts that exclusively handle these types of shipments and are well versed in all intricate details that are required.

Fully Licensed, Bonded, and carry A+ Level Insurance

Obtaining these credentials is time consuming and expensive and lets you know that we aren’t inflating our capabilities and that your load is protected should anything happen.

We have our own heavy haul trucking division

We own a fleet of trucks and trailers and employ our own drivers and mechanics so we literally know all sides of hauling something heavy. This also offers our customers additional options that broker only companies just can’t.

Extensive list of vetted carriers

Vetted is the key word. Lots of companies can broker a load to a carrier but has that carrier gone through a 30 point vetting process to ensure they are competent? We go above the industry standard to ensure every carrier we use is the best of the best.

We get your load delivered safely

This is truly what matters. Getting our customers’ shipments delivered safely and undamaged. But in the rare case that something is damaged, we have an in-house claims team that handles the entire process for our customers to ensure they are compensated for the amount they are owed.

Let’s get in touch.

If you’d like to speak to one of our heavy haul specialists about your project call 913-303-3804 or fill out the form below and we will follow up with you promptly.

Sims Global Solutions Heavy Haul

    Heavy Hauling is way more than just hauling.

    Any experienced heavy haul expert will tell you that most of the work occurs before a truck starts to roll. Shipping anything that is deemed oversized or heavy in the US, Canada and Mexico requires a strict process to ensure all state and federal regulations are adhered to. Sims Global’s in-house team of heavy haul experts follows a strict 5 step process on every heavy haul load to ensure it is delivered safely, undamaged and on time.