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Enlighten Stage campaign

Enlighten email #1Experts in Walmart Compliance OTIF (On-Time In-Full)

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Enlighten email #2 - Meeting the Most Stringent Compliance Standards

“Whether you are a top 10 Walmart vendor or new to the Walmart stores, we provide a hands-on approach to insure MABD’s are met and you remain compliant at every level, every week.”

Enlighten email #3We Specialize in Inventory Control Solutions

“Failing to meet OTIF scores at certain Walmart DC’s? Speak with our Walmart team today to ensure your utilizing preferred carriers who deliver direct every day.”

Enlighten email #4Exceeding Expectations Every Day

“Our OTIF (On-Time In-Full) Compliance exceeds 96% in single day windows. Find out how our Walmart team identifies problem or behind shipments and can accelerate the service to meet MABD’s”

Enlighten email #5More Services, More Equipment & A Greater Service Area

“Utilize our carrier pool to ensure your product is traveling with the highest rated carrier in each region.”

Enlighten email #6Providing Industry Leading Technology

“Our technology allows you to track all of your shipments in real time for total visibility. Ask us about a custom built transit map for your shipping lanes today to stay on top of lead times, arrivals, and holiday shipping.”

Enlighten email #7Real-Time Quoting, Scheduling and Tracking

“Ensure your team is sourcing the proper carriers for each shipping lane. Get automated reports for least cost carriers and hold your shipping team accountable!”

Enlighten email #8Comprehensive Transportation & Logistics Solutions

“Our experts coordinate every load, every step of the way to provide you with relief and confidence your product meets each deadline. Late product roll-out’s? Be sure to find out about our expedited options to make sure your products stay on the shelf!”

Discover Stage Campaign

Discover email #1 - Sims Global is your “On-Time In-Full” Compliance Experts

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Discover email #2Specializing in Providing Retailers with Optimal Solutions

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Discover email #3Get up to speed with Sims Global cutting-edge technology

“We lead the way in advanced technology and new transportation solutions with automated reporting, EDI/API LTL carrier functions, real time truckload quotes, tracking, Warehouse management software connection, widget tool for customer website quoting and much more.”

Discover email #4Sims Global – Above industry compliance standards for less

“As a Walmart Compliant OTIF Provider, we’ve raised the bar on all the shipments we handle. We work with all BigBox distributors and can help navigate the rules and techniques for each retail channel”

Discover email #5Sims Global – Carrier/Broker relationships at the highest level

“Along with our in house Walmart team, our carriers are committed to servicing Sims Global as much as we are to our customers. With dedicated specialists from the top preferred retail carriers, we have multiple levels of tracking services on all of our customers shipments”

Discover email #6Sims Global’s experts will help you manage your freight

“Our experienced freight management professionals are trained to customize solutions unique to your individual freight needs. Work with a freight provider committed to the needs and want’s you company has today!”

Discover email #7Sims Global delivers when others fail

Experts in the industry, our experienced personnel provide immediate responses and bring a variety of solutions to fit your budget and deadline. Let’s start the conversation and bring new idea’s to streamline your shipping process today!”

Discover email #8Access a massive carrier network with Sims Global

“LTL, Truckload, expedited and air to meet your OTIF requirements. Work with professionals who can ensure appointments are met and who stay in contact with DC’s on any late arriving freight to ensure your freight still meets it’s deadline.”

Evaluate stage Campaign

Evaluate email #1Product roll out – Sims Global gets it right

“Let the professionals at Sims Global manage your new product roll out from start to finish. Working with a new display case vendor, get Sims involved to ensure your logistics piece is managed correctly.”

Evaluate email #2Sims Global’s dedicated team drivers

“What happens when your ordering falls short and production stops un-expectedly? Sims will work with your team to cater a solution to make up for lost time.  With utilization of team drivers, 24 hour service/dispatching, and pre-appointed shipments, Sims can deliver when your backs against the wall.”

Evaluate email #3Sims Global Give you more options and better solutions

“Utilize all of the retail solutions Sims has to offer to keep your shipping overhead low by dealing with professionals you can count on.”

Evaluate email #4Keep your team in communication with the carriers you rely on

“Sims Global ensures your retail carriers are held accountable from local service on up to a national presence by meeting direct with the terminals who service your team and keeping national reps in the know.”

Evaluate email #5Dissecting your current shipping process

“When’s the last time you’ve checked transit maps and how they affect your ship out dates? Sims stays on top of transit map changes and ensures your freight arrives at the destination terminal a day early to keep your OTIF score high.”

Evaluate email #6Get guaranteed service with the top tier retail carriers through Sims Global

“Hold your carriers accountable and make sure they “have skin in the game” when it comes to your retail shipping. Find out how Sims professionals offer “guarantee rates” or money back today!”

Evaluate email #7Stay in the know and up to date

“Sims will provide monthly emails on your OTIF scores down to each DC. Keep up to date on where you stand with Walmart with easy to view reports.”

Evaluate email #8Rely on Sims and the relationships they hold

“Sims relies on their vast network of carrier managers to make sure freight goes out on time. Don’t wait on hold to speak to customer service about a load. Instead, allow Sims to handle communication to make sure strings are pulled and carriers are accountable.”

Justify Stage Campaign

Justify email #1Make sure you have transparency in your logistics

“Sims offers total transparency on transit times in rates by providing the information upfront. Automated documentation of rates keeps your accounting and shipping department on the same page with no surprises”

Justify email #2Save cost – Sims dissects each load to make sure we provide the most cost effective solutions

“The Sims Global operations team checks into your daily loads to make sure we aren’t leaving savings on the table. We train our account managers to identify LTL loads that can turn into multi-drop truckloads to save costs while keeping your shipments OTIF compliant and reducing chances for damages”

Justify email #3Ever changing transit maps – Sims is up to date!

“Sims continually reviews your transit maps to make sure your freight stays a day ahead for when carriers open new shipping lanes and change routing. Constant weather monitoring means your team is notified ahead of time to move up ship dates when possible to plan and stay ahead of the weather!”

Justify email #4Seasonal display cases – Sims will work direct with your vendor teams

“Relying on your product vendors can be tricky. Many display case shipments fall in the same times of the year for all Walmart vendors and Sims works with many display and packaging companies to assist them on the logistics of these shipments. Don’t let late product roll-outs drop your OTIF score, let Sims facilitate to keep you OTIF compliant and your vendors up to speed on expectations.

Justify email #5Customers have come to rely on our cost-effective solutions

 “When our customers win, we win. Sims is in it for the long haul and strive to provide the most cost-effective solutions while always keeping our standard for service high. Shipping rates, keeping products on shelves, and staying compliant ALL matters!”

Justify email #6Guaranteed to fulfill your expectations every time

“Priding ourselves on response times, quick solutions and constant updates, we guarantee unbeatable service for your retail shipping!”

Justify email #7Professionals coordinate every step of the process

“From single truckload shipments, to LTL, to multi-faceted logistics projects, our dedicated professionals coordinate every load. Don’t let increased skew counts, new vendors or new shipping locations put you behind the 8-ball. Let Sims keep you on track!”

Justify email #8Sims Global gives you the edge!

“We pride ourselves on being an extension of your business and always having a plan B and C option. We help save time and money by understanding your product, all of the shipping methods available, and create solutions to keep you in front of the competitors.”


Enlighten Stage Campaign

Enlighten email #1Your experts in material handling shipping

“We meet or exceed all material handling shipping standards. Learn how by clicking the below link.”

Enlighten email #2Meeting your forklift shipping needs

“Sims can handle the largest lifts with our own heavy haul assets on down to the smallest walkies via LTL. Work with an all in one freight provider that can offer today!”

Enlighten email #3Tired of working with carriers who can’t brace forklifts? – Sims Delivers!

“Whether it’s a rental return or technicians aren’t available, let Sims contract carriers who can secure forklifts themselves. Whether it’s flatbed, step deck, hot shot’s, RGN’s or van’s, Sims will find the right carrier, every time.”

Enlighten email #4Exceeding expectations every day

“Sims handles every aspect of each shipment from pick up to delivery. Work with a provider who treats your customers and vendors as well as you.”

Enlighten email #5More service, more equipment

“We cater to the material handling industry with our own fleet of trucks and drivers who can operate all types of machinery.”

Enlighten email #6Time is money!

“Don’t let your technicians waste time waiting on carriers to show up. Our shipping professionals keep you in the know so your customers and tech’s aren’t stuck waiting.”

Enlighten email #7No available shipping docks?

“When van’s are the only option for your electric forklifts, Sims will contract roll back’s at pick or deliver to ensure your lifts ride safe and deliver properly.”

Enlighten email #8Multi-order routing

“Multiple deliveries coming up, let our operations team find the most efficient way to marry loads together for multi-drops to drive down rates and increase service.”

Sims Global – Generic

Email #1 – Functionality

Sims Global has a fully automated TMS which allows our users to rate, book, track and manage ALL of your freight from a single platform

Email #2 – Automation

Sims Global’s TMS allows for enhanced search-ability, pre-loaded shipper and receiver information, pre-loaded product catalogs and classing, in house claim resolution, and real time status updates on every load.

Email #3 – LoadMode

Let’s Face it. There are many ways to ship your product but not enough time in the day to quote every mode of transport. Allow Sims to find the best solution based off your load characteristics. Whether it be truckload, volume, or LTL, there may be a way to save you time or money.

Email #4 – The best carriers that deliver

Our carriers are an extension of us and held to the highest standard which is why the relationships with our carriers are just as important as they are with our clients. Have access to over 35,000 truckload carriers and 70 LTL carriers all through one company.

Email #5 – Customized Integrations

Sims stays up to date with the latest technology trends. Whether it be E-commerce rating functions, warehouse order fulfillment, GPS tracking, volume API connectivity, automated truckload rating, or settlement processing (Epay), we can provide it all.

Email # 6 – Analytics

Stay in the know with your shipments and shipping costs with KPI’s, scorecards, unlimited data capture and customizable reports.

Email #7 – Manage Carrier Direct

Maintain your direct relationships with your carriers by uploading your tariffs into one easy to use system. We load, you mange or we load, you manage. All your preference!

Email #8 – More than just a broker…

You need a true transportation partner who does more than just book your freight. You need someone to solve problems, think critically and create efficiencies within your supply chain. We take pride in learning about your business and going above and beyond to take care of our clients.